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Markets News Jan 19, 2017

Disney will report its earnings after market close today.Traders can prepare their accounts and start trading the results tomorrow.
Disney is one of the thirty companies that are part of the Dow Jones and a good report today could support the Dow Index as well.

Disney has produced plenty of major cinema hits lately, such as: Star Wars, Zootopia, The Jungle Book, Captain America and many more. The Success of Disney movies is important but counts for only 25% of its profit, as almost 40% comes from its broadcasting business like ABC and ESPN. Meaning the stock reaction after report could be mostly determined by media networks, which are slowing down because of companies like Netflix and Amazon.

The third sector is Disney’s park resorts which are very stable compared to the other two sectors. Expected EPS number is $1.39 and revenue of $13.2 billion. The stock closed yesterday at $105.33 and is $15 away from its record high.

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